2018 FC Bulleen Lions Sub Committee

Operations Manager : NPL Men – Robert Rossi

Operations Manager : NPL Women – Paul Feltrin

Operations Manager : Miniroos – Anthony Alessi

Secretary : Danielle Ciliberto-Renner

Events : Stephen Spangher

Apparel & Merchandise : Laura Di Marco

Membership & Lions Den : Carlo Brando & Laurie Boarotto

General Committee : Matthew Cahill

General Committee : Angelo Chimenti

FC Bulleen Lions Sub Committee Key Responsibilities

·      To adhere and maintain the Veneto Club’s long term vision for football operations, policies, procedures and codes of conduct.

·      To develop short term vision for football operations in accordance with the Veneto Club’s strategic plan.

·      To provide executive direction to the Senior, Junior, Women’s and SSF operations

·      To provide financial management for all football operations

·      To provide monthly reporting to the Veneto Club on all financial matters and aspects of football operations as and when required.

·      To effectively communicate with the Club’s football community including FFV and FFA.

·      To provide appropriate representation to key football authorities, as and when required.

·      To work in conjunction with the Veneto Club committee in the branding, promoting and marketing of the FC Bulleen Lions.

·      To consult with the Veneto Club committee with respect to any contractual obligations.